Thursday, May 10, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Elementals

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Roll 1d200.

Elementals cannot normally be reincarnated. There is no existing subtype which indicates an elemental with a separate soul. If a non-elemental is reincarnated into the body of an elemental, apply the [native] or [living construct] subtype, at your discretion (ignoring the convention that these subtypes be applied only to Outsiders and Constructs, respectively).

Dice Creature Src
1 Avatar of Elemental Evil, Black Rock Triskelion MM4-8
2 Avatar of Elemental Evil, Cyclonic Ravager MM4-10
3 Avatar of Elemental Evil, Holocaust Disciple MM4-11
4 Avatar of Elemental Evil, Waterveiled Assassin MM4-13
5 Belker MM-27
6 Blazewyrm DMagic-111
7 Breathdrinker MM2-39
8 Caller from the Deeps StormW-140
9 Chraal MM3-28
10-12 Dust Twister SandS-162
13 Earth Whisper RoSto-187
14-17 Elemental Grue, Chaggrin (Earth) CArc-153
18-21 Elemental Grue, Harginn (Fire) CArc-154
22-25 Elemental Grue, Ildriss (Air) CArc-155
26-29 Elemental Grue, Vardigg (Water) CArc-155
30 Elemental Monolith, Air CArc-156
31 Elemental Monolith, Earth CArc-157
32 Elemental Monolith, Fire CArc-158
33 Elemental Monolith, Water CArc-158
34-37 Elemental Steward, Arctine CPsi-130
38-41 Elemental Steward, Emberling CPsi-130
42-45 Elemental Steward, Geodite CPsi-130
46-49 Elemental Steward, Tempestan CPsi-130
50 Elemental Weird, Air MM2-90
51 Elemental Weird, Earth MM2-90
52 Elemental Weird, Fire MM2-90
53 Elemental Weird, Ice FrostB-126
54 Elemental Weird, Snow FrostB-127
55 Elemental Weird, Water MM2-90
56 Elemental, Air, Elder MM-95
57 Elemental, Air, Greater MM-95
58 Elemental, Air, Huge MM-95
59 Elemental, Air, Large MM-95
60-62 Elemental, Air, Medium MM-95
63-67 Elemental, Air, Small MM-95
68 Elemental, Earth, Elder MM-95
69 Elemental, Earth, Greater MM-95
70 Elemental, Earth, Huge MM-95
71 Elemental, Earth, Large MM-95
72-74 Elemental, Earth, Medium MM-95
75-79 Elemental, Earth, Small MM-95
80 Elemental, Fire, Elder MM-95
81 Elemental, Fire, Greater MM-95
82 Elemental, Fire, Huge MM-95
83 Elemental, Fire, Large MM-95
84-86 Elemental, Fire, Medium MM-95
87-91 Elemental, Fire, Small MM-95
92 Elemental, Primal, Air ELHb-187
93 Elemental, Primal, Earth ELHb-187
94 Elemental, Primal, Fire ELHb-187
95 Elemental, Primal, Water ELHb-187
96 Elemental, Shadow, Elder ToM-166
97 Elemental, Shadow, Greater ToM-166
98 Elemental, Shadow, Huge ToM-166
99 Elemental, Shadow, Large ToM-165
100-101 Elemental, Shadow, Medium ToM-165
102-105 Elemental, Shadow, Small ToM-165
106 Elemental, Storm, Elder MM3-48
107 Elemental, Storm, Greater MM3-48
108 Elemental, Storm, Huge MM3-48
109 Elemental, Storm, Large MM3-48
110-111 Elemental, Storm, Medium MM3-48
112-115 Elemental, Storm, Small MM3-48
116 Elemental, Taint, Elder HoH-146
117 Elemental, Taint, Greater HoH-146
118 Elemental, Taint, Huge HoH-146
119 Elemental, Taint, Large HoH-145
120 Elemental, Taint, Medium HoH-145
121-123 Elemental, Taint, Small HoH-145
124 Elemental, Water, Elder MM-95
125 Elemental, Water, Greater MM-95
126 Elemental, Water, Huge MM-95
127 Elemental, Water, Large MM-95
128-130 Elemental, Water, Medium MM-95
131-135 Elemental, Water, Small MM-95
136-137 Elementite Swarm, Air PlnrHb-114
138-139 Elementite Swarm, Earth PlnrHb-115
140-141 Elementite Swarm, Fire PlnrHb-116
142-143 Elementite Swarm, Water PlnrHb-116
144-146 Fire Bat MM2-102
147 Galeb Duhr MM2-107
148-150 Ice Serpent MoFae-62
151 Immoth MM2-127
152 Inferno Spider MM4-76
153 Invisible Stalker MM-160
154 Living Holocaust FFolio-117
155-157 Magma Hurler MHb-65
158-160 Magmin MM-179
161 Omnimental MM3-118
162 Ruin Elemental MM5-134
163 Spawn of Juiblex, Elder MM5-163
164 Spawn of Juiblex, Greater MM5-162
165 Spawn of Juiblex, Lesser MM5-162
166-169 Stone Spike MM2-191
170 Tempest MM2-193
171-174 Thoqqua MM-242
175-176 Walking Wall MHb-72
177-181 Construct reroll
182-186 Dragon reroll
187-191 Ooze reroll
192-196 Undead reroll
197-200 Other reroll

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