Monday, July 2, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Central Repository

So, once upon a time, I came up with some custom tables for the reincarnate spell. Then I rebuilt my monster database and started redoing the tables. Here, then, is the central repository of links to the most recent versions of all the tables:


Choose the table appropriate to the Type of the creature to be reincarnated. Roll on that table.

If you get a result that indicates another type, reroll on the indicated table. If you get a result of "Other", roll on the list of types to determine what the creature's new type is, then roll on the table for that type.

1-6 Aberration
7-12 Animal
13-18 Construct
19-24 Dragon
25-30 Elemental
31-36 Fey
37-42 Giant
43-58 Humanoid
59-64 Magical Beast
65-70 Monstrous Humanoid
71-76 Ooze
77-82 Outsider
83-88 Plant
89-94 Undead
95-100 Vermin

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