Friday, May 4, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Dragons

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Roll 1d200.

Dice Creature Src
1-6 Ambush Drake MM3-8
7 Aspect of Bahamut DMagic-108
8 Aspect of Tiamat DMagic-110
9 Dragon Eel MM3-44
10-11 Dragon Turtle MM-88
12-18 Dragonnel Draco-151
19-23 Drake, Elemental, Air Draco-152
24 Drake, Elemental, Earth Draco-153
25 Drake, Elemental, Fire Draco-154
26-29 Drake, Elemental, Ice Draco-154
30 Drake, Elemental, Magma Draco-155
31 Drake, Elemental, Ooze Draco-156
32-33 Drake, Elemental, Smoke Draco-157
34-36 Drake, Elemental, Water Draco-157
37-43 Drake, Stone RoSto-189
44-48 Faerie Dragon Draco-158
49-59 Felldrake, Crested MM2-97
60-67 Felldrake, Horned MM2-97
68-74 Felldrake, Spiked Draco-160
75-83 Felldrake, Spitting MM2-97
84 Hellfire Wyrm MM2-125
85-90 Ibrandlin MoFae-62
91 Landwyrm, Desert Draco-169
92 Landwyrm, Forest Draco-170
93 Landwyrm, Hill Draco-170
94 Landwyrm, Jungle Draco-171
95 Landwyrm, Mountain Draco-172
96-100 Landwyrm, Plains Draco-172
101 Landwyrm, Tundra Draco-174
102-104 Landwyrm, Underdark Draco-175
105 Landwyrn, Swamp Draco-173
106 Linnorn, Corpse Tearer MM2-140
107 Linnorn, Dread MM2-140
108 Linnorn, Gray MM2-140
109-119 Pseudodragon MM-210
120-121 Rage Drake MM3-131
122 Sea Drake FFolio-147
123 Spelleater DMagic-119
124 Ssvaklor MM3-166
125 Ssvaklor, Greater MM3-166
126 Storm Drake Draco-194
127 Sunwyrm FFolio-164
128 True Dragon, Battle Draco-176
129 True Dragon, Brown MoFae-38
130 True Dragon, Chaos Draco-177
131 True Dragon, Chromatic, Black MM-70
132 True Dragon, Chromatic, Blue MM-72
133 True Dragon, Chromatic, Green MM-74
134 True Dragon, Chromatic, Red MM-75
135 True Dragon, Chromatic, White MM-77
136 True Dragon, Deep MoFae-40
137 True Dragon, Ethereal Draco-179
138 True Dragon, Fang MoFae-41
139 True Dragon, Fang Draco-159
140 True Dragon, Force ELHb-182
141 True Dragon, Gem, Amethyst MM2-79
142 True Dragon, Gem, Crystal MM2-81
143 True Dragon, Gem, Emerald MM2-82
144 True Dragon, Gem, Sapphire MM2-84
145 True Dragon, Gem, Topaz MM2-85
146 True Dragon, Howling Draco-180
147 True Dragon, Incarnum MoI-173
148 True Dragon, Lung, Chiang (River) OA-155
149 True Dragon, Lung, Li (Earth) OA-156
150 True Dragon, Lung, Pan (Coiled) OA-158
151 True Dragon, Lung, Shen (Spirit) OA-159
152 True Dragon, Lung, T'ien (Celestial) OA-161
153 True Dragon, Lung, Tun Mi (Typhoon) OA-162
154 True Dragon, Lung, Wang (Sea) OA-157
155 True Dragon, Lung, Yu (Carp) OA-154
156 True Dragon, Metallic, Brass MM-79
157 True Dragon, Metallic, Bronze MM-80
158 True Dragon, Metallic, Copper MM-82
159 True Dragon, Metallic, Gold MM-84
160 True Dragon, Metallic, Silver MM-86
161 True Dragon, Oceanus Draco-181
162 True Dragon, Orange DrgCmp-195
163 True Dragon, Prismatic ELHb-184
164 True Dragon, Purple DrgCmp-197
165 True Dragon, Pyroclastic Draco-182
166 True Dragon, Radiant Draco-185
167 True Dragon, Rust Draco-186
168 True Dragon, Shadow MoFae-42
169 True Dragon, Shadow Draco-191
170 True Dragon, Song MoFae-44
171 True Dragon, Styx Draco-187
172 True Dragon, Tarterian Draco-189
173 True Dragon, Yellow DrgCmp-199
174 Velroc DMagic-123
175-179 Wyvern MM-259
180-183 Animal reroll
184-187 Elemental reroll
188-191 Magical Beast reroll
192-195 Outsider reroll
196-200 Other reroll

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