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Creation of a Custom Pantheon 2: The Gods Themselves

Okay, so now we're going to put some gods together.

For some of them, I've already got the text written up:


Some clerics and monks worship all gods equally, good and evil.
Clerics of all gods may choose any domains, may be of any alignment, and may choose any one favored weapon.
Followers of all gods are frequently sovereign speakers (Faiths of Eberron).

Ancestor Spirits
The nobility of the Omorashi Empire sometimes worship foreign deities. However, the common people usually worship the departed spirits of their own ancestors.
Clerics of the ancestor spirits may be of any alignment, and may choose from the Community, Destiny, Family, Nobility, and Protection domains. Their favored weapon is the naginata (glaive).
Followers of the ancestor spirits are frequently shugenjas (Complete Divine), spirit shamans (Complete Divine), or wu jens (Complete Arcane).

There is a secretive, yet increasingly popular, organization dedicated to the eradication of all gods. The organization is currently led by a master vampire wizard known as Ben.
Antitheists are never clerics or paladins and rarely druids. They are frequently ur-priests (Complete Divine) or defiants (Planar Handbook).


Quasxthe is going to shift slightly and become the one god of evil ocean. There were already several gods filling this niche, so I originally had a note saying "Quasxthe is neutral, but clerics of Quasxthe cannot be good, and they always rebuke or command undead and spontaneously cast Inflict spells as evil clerics". This was because Quasxthe is actually Lawful Evil, he was just pretending to be more neutral. But if the evil ocean god niche isn't filled by anybody else, he can just be straightforwardly Lawful Evil now. And as long as we're merging him with other deities, let's make sure to give him any domain any of his constituent deities have that makes sense.

Quasxthe originally had Blackwater, Ocean, Water, and Slime.

Blibdoolpoolp has Destruction, Evil, Water, Chaos, Madness, Mysticism, and Oracle. Yeathan has Destruction and Evil. Procan has Animal, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Water, and Windstorm. Sekolah has Evil, Law, Strength, War, Competition, Mysticism, Tyranny, and Water.

Let's add, oh, let's say, Destruction, Evil, Law, Windstorm, and Tyranny.

And I had the note that "Followers of Quasxthe are frequently lords of tides (Sandstorm) or sea witches (Stormwrack)." (Side note: Quasxthe's followers are frequently lords of tides because Quasxthe himself is a cleric/lord of tides.)

Blibdoolpoolp's followers notes are Kuo-Toa-specific, so we'll save her for Inglip. Yeathan's followers are frequently scarlet corsairs (Stormwrack) or sea witches (Stormwrack). Procan's followers are frequently stormlords (Complete Divine) or stormcasters (Stormwrack). Sekolah's followers are frequently thunder guides (Explorer’s Handbook). We'll merge these together.


Quasxthe, usually depicted as a monstrous, tentacled humanoid of the deep, is considered the god of evil depths, as well as the Inundation, which he is believed to have been responsible for. All the races which naturally dwell in the sea respect him, and anyone who considers themselves better off in the world of near-omnipresent ocean pays some honor to him. Even many mongrelfolk admit that the histories hold that the world is much more peaceful than before the Inundation, with various savage and evil races largely eliminated; worship of Quasxthe is the official religion of Gus. Only the elves universally oppose Quasxthe; their longer generations mean that their culture can more easily recall the time of continents, and they oppose all mucking about with the natural order of things on principle, deific intervention or no deific intervention.
Quasxthe is lawful evil.
Clerics of Quasxthe may choose from the Blackwater, Destruction, Evil, Law, Ocean, Tyranny, Slime, Storm, Water, or Windstorm domains. His favored weapon is the tentacle or whip.
Followers of Quasxthe are frequently lords of tides (Sandstorm), sea witches (Stormwrack), scarlet corsairs (Stormwrack), stormlords (Complete Divine), stormcasters (Stormwrack), or thunder guides (Explorer’s Handbook).


Good ocean/commerce: Valkur, Eadro, Ishtishia, the Leviathan God, Fharlanghn. The Leviathan God is the one that's original to my campaign world, so let's go with him. I hate the name, though. I kind of want to call him the avanc, which is not a word invented by China Miéville, but his usage of it as meaning "a leviathan, but bigger" is, so I won't go with that. Other possibilities: Aspidochelone? Hafgufa? Lyngbakr? Actually, I like Hafgufa, let's go with that.

The domains I had the Leviathan God offering were Animal, Blackwater, Ocean, and Water. Valkur offers Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, and Protection. Eadro offers Animal, Protection, Water, Community, and Summoner. Ishtishia offers Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, and Water. Fharlanghn offers Luck, Protection, Travel, Celerity, and Weather. Merging these.

Then merging the "followers of" sections, take out some of the more specific ones like Fharlanghn's monks and bloodhounds.

Hafgufa, god of water, also called the avanc, the leviathan god, Lyngbakr, and Aspidochelone, is thought to be the ancestor of all cetaceans and the creator of merfolk, tritons, and locathath. It is worshipped by those races (each of whom considers themselves the epitome of seafolk, the final and most-well-crafted version of the divinely-designed template) and by sailors and others who trade on the sea, and those who fear the wrath of leviathans, whom they believe are sent by Hafgufa to punish those who displease it. It also demands tolls of any who pass over the water, rewarding those who offer pleasing sacrifices (usually of land-dwelling animals, charred and pitched into the sea) with fair winds and prosperity in trade and commerce.
Clerics of Hafgufa are welcome on any human or mongrelfolk ship.
His favoured weapon is the paddle or oar (greatclub).
Hafgufa is neutral.
Clerics of Hafgufa may choose from the Air, Animal, Blackwater, Celerity, Destruction, Ocean, Protection, Storm, Travel, and Water domains.
Followers of Hafgufa are frequently rangers, swashbucklers (Complete Warrior), wavekeepers (Stormwrack), legendary captains (Stormwrack), elemental warriors of water (Planar Handbook), elemental savants of water (Complete Arcane), or horizon walkers (Dungeon Master’s Guide).


Now, the god of non-evil animals and plants, and elves! How will we combine Corellon Larethian, Deep Sashelas, Ehlonna, and Obad-Hai? Well, we're combining two dudes, a unicorn, and an old tree guy. I'd consider a girl, but that might run into redudancy with Dalya, the fertility goddess. Although Artemis/Diana might not be that bad a model to follow. Hmmm... yes, let's blatantly rip off Artemis, the whole Huntress theme. Also she can be the goddess of the moon(s?).

Let's not call her Artemis, though. Or even The Huntress, I think I'd like to shy away from too many descriptive deity names. What other things is Artemis called? According to Wikipedia: Aeginaea, Aetole, Kourotrophos, Locheia, Amarynthia, Phoebe. Amarynthia gives me an idea. To the list of flowers!

My first instinct is Alyssa, but I have a friend with that name and it could be weird. Adianta, after the maidenhair fern? Halesia, after the silverbell? Amaryllis? Sequoia?

I like Sequoia, let's go with that.

She's... neutral good, probably, that sounds good. The god of savagery will also fill in the nature god rôle a bit, we don't really need a true neutral nature god, especially because Hafgufa is true neutral.

Sequoia, the Huntress, is depicted as a beautiful elven woman clad in leathers, with a mighty longbow. She is the goddess of nature, elves, and the moon. Some clerics of the Huntress claim that it was she who gave the elven druids the knowledge to create the first mangals, and to gather up all the animals for preservation for 500 years.
Sequoia is neutral good, and her favored weapon is the longbow. Her holy symbol is a green hawk.
Sequoia's domains are Animal, Creation, Elf, Earth, Good, Liberation, Moon, Plant, Protection, and Summer.
Followers of Sequoia are frequently druids, rangers, elf paragons (Unearthed Arcana), arcane hierophants (Races of the Wild), champions of Corellon Larethian (Races of the Wild), verdant lords (Masters of the Wild), queens of the wild (Masters of the Wild), fleet runners of Ehlonna (Dragon Compendium), nature’s warriors (Complete Warrior), or forest masters (Faiths & Pantheons).


I think that's enough for now, yes? We shall finish later.

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