Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Epic Feats as Regular Feats

It was brought to my attention that most of the so-called "[Epic]" feats are not actually particularly epic at all. When I examined the list, I found several which later supplements had introduced as non-[Epic] feats, and several which are simply bad when compared to available non-[Epic] feats.

So I went through and picked out all the epic feats that a.) didn't have epic prerequisites outside of being [Epic] (eg, if it requires more than 23 ranks in a skill, it does no good to allow it as a non-epic feat) and b.) weren't too overpowered for lower-level play.

Some of them call for class features you won't be getting until the very high teens, but at least there's no more arbitrary "must be level 21+" restrictions.

You still need extraordinarily high ability scores for many of them, but that's possible, especially if you're a monster with LA or take a few of the "Great [Ability Score]" feats, which may be the most controversial [Epic] feats to allow.

So here are my new houserules for [Epic] feats:


You may take the following [Epic] feats as normal feats even if you are not an epic-level character, provided you meet all the other prerequisites:

Additional Magic Item Space
Blinding Speed
Bonus Domain
Bulwark of Defense
Chaotic Rage
Colossal Wild Shape
Combat Archery
Damage Reduction
Devastating Critical
Dexterous Fortitude
Dexterous Will
Diminutive Wild Shape
Dire Charge
Distant Shot
Energy Resistance
Enhance Spell
Epic Endurance
Epic Skill Focus
Epic Speed
Epic Spell Focus
Epic Spell Penetration
Exceptional Deflection
Extended Life Span
Familiar Spell
Fast Healing
Fine Wild Shape
Gargantuan Wild Shape
Great Charisma
Great Constitution
Great Dexterity
Great Intelligence
Great Smiting
Great Strength
Great Wisdom
Holy Strike
Improved Alignment-Based Casting
Improved Arrow of Death
Improved Aura of Courage
Improved Aura of Despair
Improved Combat Casting
Improved Combat Reflexes
Improved Darkvision
Improved Death Attack
Improved Elemental Wild Shape
Improved Favored Enemy
Improved Heighten Spell
Improved Ki Strike
Improved Low-Light Vision
Improved Manifestation
Improved Sneak Attack
Improved Spell Capacity
Improved Spell Resistance
Improved Stunning Fist
Improved Whirlwind Attack
Incite Rage
Infinite Deflection
Instant Reload
Keen Strike
Legendary Wrestler
Lingering Damage
Master Staff
Master Wand
Mighty Rage
Mobile Defense
Multiweapon Rend
Negative Energy Burst
Overwhelming Critical
Perfect Health
Perfect Multiweapon Fighting
Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
Planar Turning
Positive Energy Aura
Reflect Arrows
Righteous Strike
Ruinous Rage
Shattering Strike
Sneak Attack of Opportunity
Spectral Strike
Spell Knowledge
Spellcasting Harrier
Storm of Throws
Superior Initiative
Swarm of Arrows
Tenacious Magic
Thundering Rage
Two-Weapon Rend
Uncanny Accuracy
Undead Mastery
Unholy Strike
Vorpal Strike
Widen Aura of Courage
Widen Aura of Despair
Zone of Animation

Additionally, you may take the following [Epic] feats, provided you meet the new prerequisites given here:

Feat - Prerequisite
Armor Skin - Improved Toughness, Con 21
Epic Fortitude - Great Fortitude
Epic Prowess - Greater Weapon Focus with any weapon, proficient with any Exotic weapon
Epic Reflexes - Lightning Reflexes
Epic Reputation - Negotiator, Persuasive, Cha 21
Epic Toughness - Improved Toughness
Epic Will - Iron Will

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