Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apparel of Severing

These plain adjustable silver loops come in a variety of sizes, appropriate for neck, wrist, upper arm, torso, ankle, upper leg, or finger.
When the loop is cinched tight around some portion of a living organism, the loop splits into two, along with whatever it's fastened around. If you cinch a bracelet of severing around your wrist, for example, your hand immediately falls off. The stumps are flat, featureless silver. Through the apparel of severing, the severed limb is still connected (through a warp in the fabric of reality) in every relevant way (veins and arteries, nerves, muscles, etc) to the body, no matter how far away the limb is taken. Spells cast on one part of the body affect the whole as if they were still attached. The wearer of the apparel of severing can still control any severed limbs as if they were still attached, though movement is limited by the form.
The apparel of severing can be removed only with application of a remove curse spell, though this does not repair the damage, it only deactivates the connection. Missing limbs must be reattached or regrown with a restore extremity power or similar (or raise dead, in the case of a severed neck). If the two halves of the apparel of severing are in close proximity to one another when remove curse is applied, they become one dormant apparel of severing. If they are separated when remove curse is applied, each half has a 50% chance of becoming a dormant apparel of severing.
A limb that has been removed with the apparel of severing and glued back on with sovereign glue functions as if it were a normal limb (and negates any spell failure chance), though the apparel still occupies a magic item slot. If two people trade limbs (by using apparel of severing to sever matching limbs and sovereign glue to attach them to each others' stumps), then both are affected by any spell which targets one of them.

Choker of Severing
Also called the choker of headlessness, this is one of the most common forms of the apparel of severing. It goes around the neck and causes the head to fall off. In addition to the usual effects of apparel of severing, a wearer of a choker of severing has a 50% chance to negate the harmful effects of a vorpal enchantment, even if his head has been secured to his neck. If your head has been severed, your body can still move at its normal move speed, provided you can see it. If you cannot, you are treated as blinded for the purpose of your body's movement.
Not all possibilities are listed here (in particular, we shall refrain from speculating on non-finger uses for the ring of severing); only those which merit additional special considerations are listed.

Bracelet of Severing
Also called a bracelet of handlessness, this item is both a blessing and a curse for mages. It imposes a 15% arcane spell failure chance, but touch spells may be delivered through the severed hand. Particularly devoted clerics have been known to give a severed hand to their allies to perform healing without getting too close to combat.

Armband of Severing
Also called an armband of armlessness, this item imposes a 30% arcane spell failure chance.

Belt of Severing
If your legs have been severed from one's torso, your legs can move at your regular move speed, provided you can see them. If you cannot, then you are treated as blinded for the purpose of your legs. You can use your arms to drag your torso about at a 5 foot move speed.

Ring of Severing
If a thumb or index finger has been severed by a ring of fingerlessness, you incur a 5% arcane spell failure chance. Severance of other fingers incurs no spell failure chance. You may deliver touch spells through a severed index finger, but no other severed fingers.

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