Monday, April 30, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Oozes

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Roll 1d200.

Dice Creature Src
1-8 Aballin MoFae-11
9-11 Arcane Ooze MM3-9
12-16 Black Pudding MM-201
17-27 Bloodbloater FFolio-16
28-32 Bloodfire Ooze MM4-18
33 Bone Ooze MM2-36
34-39 Brine Ooze SandS-178
40-42 Cesspit Ooze CtyS-128
43-47 Conflagration Ooze MM3-31
48-50 Corrupture MM4-36
51-57 Dissolution Ooze MoI-172
58-59 Ethereal Ooze FFolio-63
60 Flesh Jelly MM2-104
61-70 Flotsam Ooze FFolio-16
71-79 Gelatinous Cube MM-201
80 Genius Loci ELHb-190
81-88 Graveyard Sludge MM5-72
89-96 Gray Ooze MM-201
97-103 Lava Ooze SandS-178
104-114 Living Burning Hands EbCS-293
115-119 Living Cloudkill EbCS-293
120-126 Ochre Jelly MM-201
127-133 Reason Stealer MM2-178
134-139 Reekmurk FFolio-16
140-145 Shadow Jelly PlnrHb-129
146-152 Snowflake Ooze MM3-161
153-160 Summoning Ooze MM3-169
161 Teratomorph MM2-194
162-165 Void Ooze PlnrHb-133
166-171 White Pudding FrostB-147
172-177 Magical Beast reroll
178-183 Outsider reroll
184-189 Monstrous Humanoid reroll
190-195 Undead reroll
196-200 Other reroll

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Animals

If you are looking for (or wish to return to) the central list of my updated Reincarnate tables, click here.


Roll 1d200.

Animals cannot have intelligence greater than 2. If a sapient creature is reincarnated into an animal, change the animal's Type to Magical Beast and add the [augmented animal] subtype. Do not change its Traits or Features, except that it can now have Intelligence higher than 2.

Dice Creature Src
1 Albatross StormW-165
2 Ape MM-268
3 Ape, Horrid EbCS-287
4 Axebeak A&EG-83
5 Baboon MM-268
6 Badger MM-268
7 Barracuda StormW-166
8 Bat MM-268
9 Bear, Black MM-269
10 Bear, Brown MM-269
11 Bear, Polar MM-269
12 Bison MM-269
13 Boar MM-270
14 Brixashulty RotWild-186
15 Camel MM-270
16 Camel, Dromedary SandS-192
17 Camel, Two-Humped SandS-193
18 Camel, War SandS-193
19 Carcass Eater LibMor-91
20 Caribou FrostB-164
21 Cat MM-270
22 Cheetah MM-271
23 Chordevoc RotWild-188
24 Climbdog A&EG-76
25 Constrictor Snake MM-278
26 Constrictor Snake, Giant MM-278
27 Crocodile MM-271
28 Crocodile, Giant MM-271
29 Dark Lion ToM-159
30 Desmodu Bat, Guard Bat MM2-65
31 Desmodu Bat, Hunting Bat MM2-65
32 Desmodu Bat, War Bat MM2-65
33 Dinosaur, Allosaurus (Bladetooth) MM2-70
34 Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus (Hammertail) MM2-70
35 Dinosaur, Archelon StormW-144
36 Dinosaur, Battletitan MM3-38
37 Dinosaur, Bloodstriker MM3-39
38 Dinosaur, Cave, Ankylosaurus MHb-57
39 Dinosaur, Cave, Triceratops MHb-58
40 Dinosaur, Cave, Tyrannosaurus MHb-58
41 Dinosaur, Clawfoot (Velociraptor) EbCS-279
42 Dinosaur, Cryptoclidus (Fintail) MM2-70
43 Dinosaur, Deinonychus (Carver) MM-60
44 Dinosaur, Diprotodon SandS-148
45 Dinosaur, Elasmosaurus (Great Fintail) MM-60
46 Dinosaur, Fastieth (Leaellynasaura) EbCS-280
47 Dinosaur, Fleshraker MM3-40
48 Dinosaur, Glidewing (Pteranadon) EbCS-280
49 Dinosaur, Ichthyosaur StormW-145
50 Dinosaur, Megaraptor (Great Carver) MM-60
51 Dinosaur, Mosasaur StormW-146
52 Dinosaur, Plesiosaur StormW-146
53 Dinosaur, Protoceratops SandS-147
54 Dinosaur, Quetzalcoatlus (Soarwing) MM2-70
55 Dinosaur, Seismosaurus (Thunderherder) MM2-70
56 Dinosaur, Spinosaurus (Spineback) MM2-70
57 Dinosaur, Swindlespitter MM3-41
58 Dinosaur, Triceratops (Threehorn) MM-60
59 Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus (Swordtooth Titan) MM-60
60 Dire Creature, Ape MM-62
61 Dire Creature, Badger MM-62
62 Dire Creature, Barracuda StormW-147
63 Dire Creature, Bat MM-62
64 Dire Creature, Bear MM-62
65 Dire Creature, Boar MM-62
66 Dire Creature, Eagle RoSto-186
67 Dire Creature, Eel StormW-148
68 Dire Creature, Elephant MM2-74
69 Dire Creature, Elk MM2-74
70 Dire Creature, Hawk MM2-74
71 Dire Creature, Hippopotamus SandS-149
72 Dire Creature, Horse MM2-74
73 Dire Creature, Jackal SandS-150
74 Dire Creature, Lion MM-62
75 Dire Creature, Phynxkin DMagic-117
76 Dire Creature, Polar Bear FrostB-115
77 Dire Creature, Puma SandS-150
78 Dire Creature, Rat MM-62
79 Dire Creature, Rhinoceros FFolio-61
80 Dire Creature, Shark MM-62
81 Dire Creature, Snake MM2-74
82 Dire Creature, Tiger MM-62
83 Dire Creature, Toad MM2-74
84 Dire Creature, Tortoise SandS-151
85 Dire Creature, Vulture SandS-152
86 Dire Creature, Weasel MM-62
87 Dire Creature, Wolf MM-62
88 Dire Creature, Wolverine MM-62
89 Dog MM-271
90 Dog, Riding MM-272
91 Donkey MM-272
92 Drakkensteed DMagic-113
93 Eagle MM-272
94 Eel StormW-166
95 Elephant MM-272
96 Fhorge FFolio-72
97 Forest Sloth MM2-106
98 Fox, Arctic FrostB-164
99 Giant Banded Lizard SandS-164
100 Glyptodon FrostB-116
101 Grizzly Mastadon MM2-123
102 Hawk MM-273
103 Hippopotamus SandS-193
104 Horned Lizard SandS-194
105 Horse, Heavy MM-273
106 Horse, Light MM-273
107 Horse, Valenar Riding EbCS-289
108 Huitzil DMagic-114
109 Hyena MM-274
110 Indricothere FFolio-100
111 Legendary Ape MM2-136
112 Legendary Bear ELHb-202
113 Legendary Bear MM2-136
114 Legendary Eagle MM2-136
115 Legendary Horse MM2-136
116 Legendary Shark MM2-136
117 Legendary Snake MM2-136
118 Legendary Tiger ELHb-202
119 Legendary Tiger MM2-136
120 Legendary Wolf MM2-136
121 Leopard MM-274
122 Lion MM-274
123 Lizard MM-275
124 Lizard, Monitor MM-275
125 Manta Ray MM-275
126 Mastodon MM3-101
127 Megaloceros FrostB-117
128 Megalodon MM2-147
129 Megatherium FFolio-124
130 Monkey MM-276
131 Mule MM-276
132 Octopus MM-276
133 Octopus, Giant MM-276
134 Otter StormW-167
135 Otter, Sea FrostB-164
136 Owl MM-277
137 Penguin FrostB-165
138 Phynxkin DMagic-116
139 Pony MM-277
140 Pony, War MM-277
141 Porpoise MM-278
142 Rat MM-278
143 Rat, Horrid EbCS-288
144 Raven MM-278
145 Rhinoceros MM-278
146 Roc MM-215
147 Sailsnake MM4-124
148 Sea Lion StormW-167
149 Sea Tiger MM3-147
150 Seal StormW-167
151 Serval (Savannah Wildcat) SandS-195
152 Shark, Huge MM-278
153 Shark, Large MM-278
154 Shark, Medium MM-279
155 Smilodon (Saber-Toothed Tiger) FrostB-118
156 Snapping Turtle StormW-168
157 Squid MM-281
158 Squid, Giant MM-281
159 Stingray StormW-168
160 Swarm, Bat MM-237
161 Swarm, Murder of Crows ToM-87
162 Swarm, Pest CtyS-136
163 Swarm, Piranha StormW-162
164 Swarm, Rat MM-239
165 Swarm, Viper FFolio-172
166 Terror Bird FFolio-175
167 Thudhunter A&EG-77
168 Tiger MM-281
169 Toad MM-282
170 Toad, Giant OA-196
171 Toad, Poisonous OA-196
172 Viper, Huge MM-281
173 Viper, Large MM-280
174 Viper, Medium MM-280
175 Viper, Small MM-280
176 Viper, Tiny MM-280
177 Vulture SandS-195
178 Walrus FrostB-166
179 War Mastiff HoB-157
180 Warhorse, Heavy MM-273
181 Warhorse, Light MM-274
182 Weasel MM-282
183 Whale, Baleen MM-282
184 Whale, Cachalot MM-282
185 Whale, Orca MM-282
186 Wolf MM-283
187 Wolverine MM-283
188 Woolly Mammoth FrostB-119
189 Zeuglodon FrostB-120
190-191 Magical Beast reroll
192-193 Vermin reroll
194-195 Dragon reroll
196-197 Giant reroll
198-200 Other reroll

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creation of a Custom Pantheon 2: The Gods Themselves

Okay, so now we're going to put some gods together.

For some of them, I've already got the text written up:


Some clerics and monks worship all gods equally, good and evil.
Clerics of all gods may choose any domains, may be of any alignment, and may choose any one favored weapon.
Followers of all gods are frequently sovereign speakers (Faiths of Eberron).

Ancestor Spirits
The nobility of the Omorashi Empire sometimes worship foreign deities. However, the common people usually worship the departed spirits of their own ancestors.
Clerics of the ancestor spirits may be of any alignment, and may choose from the Community, Destiny, Family, Nobility, and Protection domains. Their favored weapon is the naginata (glaive).
Followers of the ancestor spirits are frequently shugenjas (Complete Divine), spirit shamans (Complete Divine), or wu jens (Complete Arcane).

There is a secretive, yet increasingly popular, organization dedicated to the eradication of all gods. The organization is currently led by a master vampire wizard known as Ben.
Antitheists are never clerics or paladins and rarely druids. They are frequently ur-priests (Complete Divine) or defiants (Planar Handbook).


Quasxthe is going to shift slightly and become the one god of evil ocean. There were already several gods filling this niche, so I originally had a note saying "Quasxthe is neutral, but clerics of Quasxthe cannot be good, and they always rebuke or command undead and spontaneously cast Inflict spells as evil clerics". This was because Quasxthe is actually Lawful Evil, he was just pretending to be more neutral. But if the evil ocean god niche isn't filled by anybody else, he can just be straightforwardly Lawful Evil now. And as long as we're merging him with other deities, let's make sure to give him any domain any of his constituent deities have that makes sense.

Quasxthe originally had Blackwater, Ocean, Water, and Slime.

Blibdoolpoolp has Destruction, Evil, Water, Chaos, Madness, Mysticism, and Oracle. Yeathan has Destruction and Evil. Procan has Animal, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Water, and Windstorm. Sekolah has Evil, Law, Strength, War, Competition, Mysticism, Tyranny, and Water.

Let's add, oh, let's say, Destruction, Evil, Law, Windstorm, and Tyranny.

And I had the note that "Followers of Quasxthe are frequently lords of tides (Sandstorm) or sea witches (Stormwrack)." (Side note: Quasxthe's followers are frequently lords of tides because Quasxthe himself is a cleric/lord of tides.)

Blibdoolpoolp's followers notes are Kuo-Toa-specific, so we'll save her for Inglip. Yeathan's followers are frequently scarlet corsairs (Stormwrack) or sea witches (Stormwrack). Procan's followers are frequently stormlords (Complete Divine) or stormcasters (Stormwrack). Sekolah's followers are frequently thunder guides (Explorer’s Handbook). We'll merge these together.


Quasxthe, usually depicted as a monstrous, tentacled humanoid of the deep, is considered the god of evil depths, as well as the Inundation, which he is believed to have been responsible for. All the races which naturally dwell in the sea respect him, and anyone who considers themselves better off in the world of near-omnipresent ocean pays some honor to him. Even many mongrelfolk admit that the histories hold that the world is much more peaceful than before the Inundation, with various savage and evil races largely eliminated; worship of Quasxthe is the official religion of Gus. Only the elves universally oppose Quasxthe; their longer generations mean that their culture can more easily recall the time of continents, and they oppose all mucking about with the natural order of things on principle, deific intervention or no deific intervention.
Quasxthe is lawful evil.
Clerics of Quasxthe may choose from the Blackwater, Destruction, Evil, Law, Ocean, Tyranny, Slime, Storm, Water, or Windstorm domains. His favored weapon is the tentacle or whip.
Followers of Quasxthe are frequently lords of tides (Sandstorm), sea witches (Stormwrack), scarlet corsairs (Stormwrack), stormlords (Complete Divine), stormcasters (Stormwrack), or thunder guides (Explorer’s Handbook).


Good ocean/commerce: Valkur, Eadro, Ishtishia, the Leviathan God, Fharlanghn. The Leviathan God is the one that's original to my campaign world, so let's go with him. I hate the name, though. I kind of want to call him the avanc, which is not a word invented by China Miéville, but his usage of it as meaning "a leviathan, but bigger" is, so I won't go with that. Other possibilities: Aspidochelone? Hafgufa? Lyngbakr? Actually, I like Hafgufa, let's go with that.

The domains I had the Leviathan God offering were Animal, Blackwater, Ocean, and Water. Valkur offers Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, and Protection. Eadro offers Animal, Protection, Water, Community, and Summoner. Ishtishia offers Destruction, Ocean, Storm, Travel, and Water. Fharlanghn offers Luck, Protection, Travel, Celerity, and Weather. Merging these.

Then merging the "followers of" sections, take out some of the more specific ones like Fharlanghn's monks and bloodhounds.

Hafgufa, god of water, also called the avanc, the leviathan god, Lyngbakr, and Aspidochelone, is thought to be the ancestor of all cetaceans and the creator of merfolk, tritons, and locathath. It is worshipped by those races (each of whom considers themselves the epitome of seafolk, the final and most-well-crafted version of the divinely-designed template) and by sailors and others who trade on the sea, and those who fear the wrath of leviathans, whom they believe are sent by Hafgufa to punish those who displease it. It also demands tolls of any who pass over the water, rewarding those who offer pleasing sacrifices (usually of land-dwelling animals, charred and pitched into the sea) with fair winds and prosperity in trade and commerce.
Clerics of Hafgufa are welcome on any human or mongrelfolk ship.
His favoured weapon is the paddle or oar (greatclub).
Hafgufa is neutral.
Clerics of Hafgufa may choose from the Air, Animal, Blackwater, Celerity, Destruction, Ocean, Protection, Storm, Travel, and Water domains.
Followers of Hafgufa are frequently rangers, swashbucklers (Complete Warrior), wavekeepers (Stormwrack), legendary captains (Stormwrack), elemental warriors of water (Planar Handbook), elemental savants of water (Complete Arcane), or horizon walkers (Dungeon Master’s Guide).


Now, the god of non-evil animals and plants, and elves! How will we combine Corellon Larethian, Deep Sashelas, Ehlonna, and Obad-Hai? Well, we're combining two dudes, a unicorn, and an old tree guy. I'd consider a girl, but that might run into redudancy with Dalya, the fertility goddess. Although Artemis/Diana might not be that bad a model to follow. Hmmm... yes, let's blatantly rip off Artemis, the whole Huntress theme. Also she can be the goddess of the moon(s?).

Let's not call her Artemis, though. Or even The Huntress, I think I'd like to shy away from too many descriptive deity names. What other things is Artemis called? According to Wikipedia: Aeginaea, Aetole, Kourotrophos, Locheia, Amarynthia, Phoebe. Amarynthia gives me an idea. To the list of flowers!

My first instinct is Alyssa, but I have a friend with that name and it could be weird. Adianta, after the maidenhair fern? Halesia, after the silverbell? Amaryllis? Sequoia?

I like Sequoia, let's go with that.

She's... neutral good, probably, that sounds good. The god of savagery will also fill in the nature god rôle a bit, we don't really need a true neutral nature god, especially because Hafgufa is true neutral.

Sequoia, the Huntress, is depicted as a beautiful elven woman clad in leathers, with a mighty longbow. She is the goddess of nature, elves, and the moon. Some clerics of the Huntress claim that it was she who gave the elven druids the knowledge to create the first mangals, and to gather up all the animals for preservation for 500 years.
Sequoia is neutral good, and her favored weapon is the longbow. Her holy symbol is a green hawk.
Sequoia's domains are Animal, Creation, Elf, Earth, Good, Liberation, Moon, Plant, Protection, and Summer.
Followers of Sequoia are frequently druids, rangers, elf paragons (Unearthed Arcana), arcane hierophants (Races of the Wild), champions of Corellon Larethian (Races of the Wild), verdant lords (Masters of the Wild), queens of the wild (Masters of the Wild), fleet runners of Ehlonna (Dragon Compendium), nature’s warriors (Complete Warrior), or forest masters (Faiths & Pantheons).


I think that's enough for now, yes? We shall finish later.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Table 3: Magical Beasts

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Roll 1d200.

Dice Creature Src
1 Abrian FFolio-12
2 Adult Kruthik MHb-63
3 Androsphinx MM-232
4 Ankheg MM-14
5 Apocalypse Frog Swarm BoED-188
6 Aranea MM-15
7 Arcanist Varrangoin FFolio-181
8 Ash Rat MM2-24
9 Ashworm SandS-140
10 Asperi MM2-25
11 Avalancher MM3-13
12 Banelar MoFae-18
13 Basilisk MM-23
14 Bearhound MM3-16
15 Behir MM-25
16 Black Unicorn MoFae-83
17 Blackspawn Stalker MM4-134
18 Blink Dog MM-28
19 Blood Ape MM2-32
20 Blood Hawk FFolio-22
21 Bloodsilk Spider MM4-24
22 Bluespawn Ambusher MM4-136
23 Bluespawn Borrower MM4-138
24 Bluespawn Stormlizard MM4-142
25 Branta FrostB-113
26 Brood Keeper MM3-20
27 Bulette MM-30
28 Camelopardel SandS-141
29 Canisphinx SandS-186
30 Carcass Crab EbCS-277
31 Chekryan SandS-142
32 Chimera MM-34
33 Chronotyryn FFolio-33
34 Cloaked Ape MM2-46
35 Cloud Ray MM2-49
36 Cockatrice MM-37
37 Corollax MM2-50
38 Cranium Rat Swarm (Average Pack) FFolio-168
39 Cranium Rat Swarm (Greater Pack) FFolio-169
40 Cranium Rat Swarm (Lesser Pack) FFolio-167
41 Criosphinx MM-232
42 Crocosphinx SandS-187
43 Darkenbeast MoFae-30
44 Darkmantle MM-38
45 Deadborn Vulture MM5-18
46 Death Dog FFolio-41
47 Deathraven Swarm BoED-189
48 Deep Hound RoSto-185
49 Digester MM-59
50 Disenchanter FFolio-62
51 Displacer Beast MM-66
52 Displacer Serpent MHb-60
53 Dragonne MM-89
54 Dunewinder SandS-159
55 Ectoplasmic Swarm CPsi-129
56 Elite Demon War Mount MM3-107
57 Elsewhale PlnrHb-117
58 Elven Hound RotWild-189
59 Elysian Thrush PlnrHb-118
60 Ethereal Marauder MM-105
61 Feral Yowler MM3-51
62 Fire Toad OA-196
63 Frost Salamander MM2-107
64 Frost Worm MM-111
65 Gambol MM2-108
66 Garngrath MM5-60
67 Gaspar PlnrHb-124
68 Gathra FFolio-80
69 Gem Scarab MM5-62
70 Giant Eagle MM-93
71 Giant Owl MM-205
72 Giant Raven FrostB-148
73 Giant Strider MoFae-51
74 Girallon MM-126
75 Gorgon MM-137
76 Gravorg MM2-119
77 Gray Render MM-138
78 Greater Flame Snake FFolio-73
79 Greater Kruthik MHb-64
80 Greenspawn Leaper MM4-144
81 Greenspawn Razorfiend MM4-146
82 Griffon MM-139
83 Grimalkin MM2-122
84 Guulvorg MM5-76
85 Gynosphinx MM-232
86 Hammerclaw StormW-152
87 Hatchling Kruthik MHb-62
88 Hellwasp Swarm MM-238
89 Hieracosphinx MM-232
90 Hippocampus StormW-153
91 Hippogriff MM-152
92 Hoary Steed ELHb-197
93 Horned Beast ToM-82
94 Hound of the Hunt MM5-202
95 Ice Toad FrostB-140
96 Ice Toad OA-196
97 Ironclad Mauler MM3-84
98 Jackalwere FFolio-107
99 Ki-Rin OA-170
100 Kraken MM-162
101 Krenshar MM-163
102 Kuldurath FFolio-116
103 Lamia MM-165
104 Lammasu MM-165
105 Leskylor BoED-178
106 Lesser Flame Snake FFolio-73
107 Lesser Varrangoin FFolio-181
108 Leucrotta MoFae-63
109 Leviathan MM2-139
110 Limbo Stalker PlnrHb-126
111 Loquasphinx ToM-268
112 Lucent Worm FFolio-118
113 Luna Moth HoB-154
114 Malastor MM5-100
115 Manticore MM-179
116 Minor Flame Snake FFolio-73
117 Mivilorn MM3-107
118 Mockery Drone MM5-127
119 Mockery Monarch MM5-126
120 Mooncalf MM2-150
121 Moonrat MM2-151
122 Mudmaw MM2-153
123 Nethersight Mastiff MM2-160
124 Night Hunter (Deep Bat) MoFae-18
125 Nightmare Beast MM2-161
126 Owlbear MM-206
127 Pack Fiend PlnrHb-128
128 Pegasus MM-206
129 Peryton MoFae-69
130 Phargion MHb-66
131 Phase Spider MM-207
132 Phase Wasp MM2-168
133 Phoera MM3-122
134 Purple Worm MM-211
135 Quanlos MM4-122
136 Rager Varrangoin FFolio-181
137 Rainbow Crow HoB-155
138 Ramfish StormW-156
139 Rampager MM2-177
140 Razor Boar MM2-220
141 Redspawn Firebelcher MM4-154
142 Remorhaz MM-214
143 Roper MM-215
144 Roving Mauler ToM-86
145 Rylkar Harridan MM5-136
146 Rylkar Madclaw MM5-137
147 Rylkar Swarm MM5-138
148 Rylkar Tormentor MM5-138
149 Sand Hunter SandS-183
150 Saurosphinx SandS-188
151 Sea Cat MM-220
152 Seawolf StormW-158
153 Senmurv FFolio-149
154 Shadow Asp FFolio-152
155 Shadow Spider MM2-184
156 Shedu FFolio-153
157 Shocker Lizard MM-224
158 Sinister (Deep Bat) MoFae-18
159 Sisiutl StormW-159
160 Skiurid MM4-126
161 Soarwhale A&EG-89
162 Spectral Panther MoFae-79
163 Spellgaunt MM2-188
164 Spider Eater MM-234
165 Spirit of the Air FFolio-160
166 Steelwing MM5-168
167 Stirge MM-237
168 Swamplight Lynx MM2-191
169 Tarrasque MM-240
170 Terlen FFolio-174
171 Three-Headed Leskylor BoED-178
172 Threskisphinx SandS-188
173 Thrum Worm RoSto-190
174 Thrym Hound MM5-170
175 Thunderbird SandS-189
176 Tirbana Drowser MM5-173
177 Tirbana Eyewing MM5-172
178 Tirbana Slayer MM5-173
179 Tirbana Spawner MM5-174
180 Tlalusk FrostB-157
181 Tomb Spider MM4-164
182 Tomb Spider Broodswarm MM4-164
183 Tusk Terror MM5-182
184 Tusked Behemoth HoB-156
185 Cryohydra MM-155
186 Hydra MM-155
187 Pyrohydra MM-155
188 Unicorn MM-249
189 Ur'Epona PlnrHb-130
190 Urskan FrostB-159
191 Whitespawn Iceskidder MM4-162
192 Winter Wolf MM-256
193 Worg MM-256
194 Yrthak MM-262
195 Zezir MM3-205
196 Aberration reroll
197 Animal reroll
198 Fey reroll
199 Vermin reroll
200 Other reroll

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creation of a Custom Pantheon

Okay, so, to the task of consolidating deities! The first thing I have done has been to preliminarily sort the existing deities of my pantheon into categories of related deities (deities marked with a ? are ones I'm not sure where I want to put):
  • antitheism: Ben
  • dragons: Ancestor Spirits, Bahamut, Tiamat, Kurtulmak?
  • evil ocean: Quasxthe, Blibdoolpoolp?, Yeathan, Procan, Sekolah?
  • good ocean: Valkur, Eadro, Ishtishia, the Leviathan God, Fharlanghn?
  • Elves/nature: Corellon Larethian, Deep Sashelas, Ehlonna, Obad-Hai
  • Engineers/machines: MAGG
  • harvest/fertility/tricksiness: Dalya, Olidammara, Fharlanghn?
  • knowledge/secrets/magic/death: Boccob, Wee Jas, Vecna, Nerull, Ilsensine?
  • monsters/senseless violence: Al-Ishtus, Erythnul, Gruumsh, Lolth, Maglubiyet, the Great Mother?, Kurtulmak?, Blibdoolpoolp?, Sekolah?
  • Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space: Inglip, Ilsensine?, Elder Evils, the Great Mother?, An Exciting Mystery God?
  • heroism/do-goodery: Heironeous, Kord, Pelor, St. Cuthbert
  • tyranny: Hextor, the Burning Hate
  • the whole pantheon at once
Lesser demons, devils, angels, and other Outsiders will still exist. I don't think I'll use any of the established ones. Not even Pazuzu, though I may coöpt Pazuzu's methodology for somebody. Mr. Happypants showed up in one game, but he won't be promoted to devil lord; he's only middle management, and also half a joke, and also not my intellectual property.

On the one hand, I want a deity for every major nation. Easy enough, it seems at first: MAGG for the Engineers, whoever the nature god winds up being for the Elves, whoever the heroism god winds up being for Romus and Shell, the Ancestor Spirits for the Omorashi Empire, and Quasxthe for Gus. But! There are major nations under the sea, too.

The Tritons, Merfolk, and Locathah can all worship whoever the good ocean deity winds up being, they're pretty much all Eadro already. The Subsidence was already established to have trashed the mainstream Sekolah-worshipping cities and left the Quasxthe-worshipping cult largely intact, so we can just say Quasxthe's cult won. And the Kuo-Toa are established as mostly already working for the Aboleths, so they can just worship whomever the Aboleths wind up worshipping. Probably Inglip.

Which leaves the Mind Flayers. Spoilers (so if any of my players read this, try to keep it firmly under your hats): as it stands now, they're split up into three camps. Most of them worship Ilsensine, which it's probably okay to merge into the knowledge gods. A majority of the remainder follow Quasxthe. (In my first campaign, Vecna was the arch-enemy of Quasxthe. I had some astoundingly great reasoning for this, which I have since forgotten. But "they're competing over followers" is probably just as good a reason.) And then there's a tiny cult of Mind Flayers that worship a new and even more bizarre entity.

So I don't actually want to merge Inglip with said new and even more bizarre entity (which we shall call  An Exciting Mystery God ), as it would make it probably the second-most-popular deity in the world, worshipped by Aboleths, Kuo-Toa, a minority of Mind Flayers, some Grell... which goes against the "who the gzortaplex is An Exciting Mystery God?" Plus, Inglip is kind of jokey, I want An Exciting Mystery God to be srs bsns. So Inglip and An Exciting Mystery God will not be the same individual, and that leaves me still lacking a thing to actually call An Exciting Mystery God (I'm thinking it'll wind up being something with no vowels).

Hmm. There's a bestial, senseless violence category, and there's a death and knowledge category. Does there need to be a tyranny category? Violence with purpose behind it can go under death and knowledge, violence with no purpose behind it can go in the senseless violence category.

And it occurs to me that I'm not entirely sure if I want knowledge to be confined to an evil deity. That's exactly the kind of anti-knowledge prejudice I don't want to be encouraging. So let's spread that love out a little bit. We can make Dalya a bit more of an Athena ripoff, give her the wisdom portfolio. MAGG is a natural fit for progress and scientific knowledge. The evil god can retain secrets and the kind of fusty hidebound rote book knowledge I'm okay with discriminating against.

Kurtulmak is kind of dragony, but he's also kind of not-dragony. He's the god of kobolds, which are themselves kind of dragony but also kind of not-dragony. I guess I can just ignore him, it doesn't really matter what category he goes into. I do want there to still be a good dragon and an evil dragon; Sir Randolph the White of the Kingsguard is unsubtly doing Tiamat's work, and he's unsubtly working against Bahamut. But it also doesn't really make sense for him to be worshipping or working against part of the Omorashi pantheon. (As it stands now, the Omorashi people worship their ancestors and also sometimes Bahamut and Tiamat, you see.) Let's split them up after all, and make one of the evil gods and one of the good gods explicitly draconic.

Fharlanghn's thing is wandering, and the good ocean deity's thing will wind up being, in part, sailors. That's more wandering-y than the harvest goddess, so let's add him and the commerce portfolio to the good ocean god.

So that gives us:
  • antitheism: Ben
  • Omorashi Empire: Ancestor Spirits
  • evil ocean: Quasxthe, Blibdoolpoolp, Yeathan, Procan, Sekolah
  • good ocean/commerce: Valkur, Eadro, Ishtishia, the Leviathan God, Fharlanghn
  • Elves/nature: Corellon Larethian, Deep Sashelas, Ehlonna, Obad-Hai
  • Engineers/machines/science/progress: MAGG
  • harvest/fertility/tricksiness/wisdom: Dalya, Olidammara
  • secrets/magic/death/fustiness: Boccob, Wee Jas, Vecna, Nerull, Ilsensine, Hextor
  • monsters/senseless violence/evil dragons: Al-Ishtus, Erythnul, Gruumsh, Lolth, Maglubiyet, the Great Mother, Kurtulmak, Tiamat, the Burning Hate
  • Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space: Inglip, Elder Evils
  • heroism/do-goodery/good dragons: Heironeous, Kord, Pelor, St. Cuthbert, Bahamut
  • the whole pantheon at once
  • An Exciting Mystery God
So that's 13. Of which two (antitheism and polytheism) are eminently straightforward, and one (An Exciting Mystery God) will remain as mysterious as possible until information about it is dug up by characters in-game. I'm satisfied with that. Ten is as close to nine as we're gonna get.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Custom Reincarnate Tables 3: Fey

If you are looking for (or wish to return to) the central list of my updated Reincarnate tables, click here.


Roll 1d200.

Dice Creature Src
1-5 Bajang OA-145
6 Banshrae MM5-10
7-9 Bisan OA-147
10-11 Bog Imp HoH-142
12-18 Domovoi FrostB-121
19-23 Dryad MM-90
24-30 Einsaung Nat OA-176
31-38 Faun D&Dg-133
39-46 Feytouched FFolio-71
47-49 Fossergrim FFolio-79
50 Frost Wind Virago MM5-58
51-54 Gray Jester HoH-151
55-61 Grig MM-235
62-66 Hkum Yeng Nat OA-176
67 Hoary Hunter ELHb-197
68-74 Hybsil MoFae-61
75-81 Jaebrin MM5-92
82-89 Jermlaine MM2-131
90-92 Joystealer MM4-78
93 Kelpie FFolio-114
94 LeShay ELHb-202
95-98 Lu Nat OA-176
99 Lunar Ravager MM4-95
100 Master of the Hunt MM5-202
101-107 Nixie MM-235
108 Nymph MM-197
109 Ocean Strider MM2-163
110 Oread FFolio-134
111-117 Petal MM3-120
118-121 Pixie MM-235
122 Rimefire Eidolon FrostB-149
123 Ruin Chanter MM5-132
124-130 Rusalka FrostB-150
131-134 Satyr MM-219
135-141 Shadar-Kai FFolio-150
142-147 Shaedling MM5-148
148-150 Sirine MM2-185
151 Spirit of the Land MM2-189
152-157 Splinterwaif MM3-165
158-162 Spriggan FFolio-162
163-170 Uldra FrostB-158
171 Verdant Prince MM4-172
172-176 Vodyanoi FrostB-160
177-180 Yuki-On-Na FrostB-164
181 Zeitgeist CtyS-138
182-185 Humanoid reroll
186-189 Outsider reroll
190-193 Giant reroll
194-197 Monstrous Humanoid reroll
198-200 Other reroll